Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lying Christians #1

I was at the Catholic’s “West Coast March for Life” earlier today. I heard many lies. But I am going to focus on one. This lie was most often posed as a question. The most common form of the lie was something like this: “Why do you want to kill babies?” The presumption (and lie) is that anyone opposed to the Catholic empire imposing its will over everyone is in favor of killing babies (abortion). This is about as delusional as other propaganda issuing forth from the Catholic empire. The truth is that I and people like me are opposed to abortion. But we are different than Catholics because we believe in going after the causes of abortion and not the symptom of abortion. Women typically seek abortion for one of several reasons. One common reason is that some man conned her into a sexual liaison, probably telling her “forever” when he meant until he achieved gratification. The woman is then cast aside with no way to support herself, no health insurance, and no partner to help raise the child. Some women may have been sexually assaulted – by a stranger or by a trusted relative. If there were no rape, no incest, and no broken promises then that would greatly reduce the number of women seeking abortions. Another reason why women seek abortions is related to birth defects caused by all the toxins to which our society subjects women. These toxins cause spina bifida and other serious birth defects. If we as a society reduced the toxins and improved healthcare for women then another large percentage of abortions would be eliminated. So as usual “conservatives” mistake a symptom – in this case abortion – for a problem and then attempt to do something about the “problem” while irrationally ignoring the actual problem and its underlying causes. If Catholics really wanted to reduce abortions then Catholics would work to eliminate rape, to eliminate incest, to stop men from lying to women, to reduce toxins in the environment and to provide adequate healthcare for all women.

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