Monday, January 31, 2011

Atheism is not a religion

If you think Atheism is a religion then I have a cure for your problem. First you will need to collect some supplies. You will need a large vacuum chamber, a hose and a vacuum pump. Connect ‘em all up. Now you need to plug in the vacuum pump and quickly climb into the vacuum chamber, taking care to close and seal the hatch behind you. Now this may sound a little dangerous, but as you well know, the absence of a thing is still that thing. Absence of religion is still religion and absence of air is still air. You’ll be able to breathe just fine! Run along now. The rest of us will wait until you come back.
Well, actually I’m not going to wait. I suspect those folks might be a while getting back. If you’re still here reading, then I assume you don’t need to be cured of the silly belief that Atheism is a religion. You must instead be interested in why I would write about something as obvious as the fact that Atheism is not a religion. As you might have guessed, the slick disinformation campaign operated by the religion industry aggravates me just a bit. I view the claim that Atheism is a religion as just another lie told to keep gullible people confused and protect the profitable business of religion. The difference between Atheism and religion is that Atheism doesn’t make up stuff to answer supposed questions. No fairytales. No mythology. No unicorns. Just the facts, Ma’am!

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