Friday, January 14, 2011

Christian Hypocrisy in the news

Several weeks ago – before I started this blog – I read an article which described tensions between Beijing and the pretentious prelate of Rome. The presumptuous pontiff was apparently in a snit because China dared to appoint a bishop of its own choosing. The article quoted a Vatican communiqué regarding Beijing’s supposed transgression against the Catholic empire. “The persistent desire to control the most intimate area of citizens' lives, namely their conscience, and to interfere in the internal life of the Catholic church does no credit to China,” and then implied some sort of cowardice on the part of the sovereign nation of China. Did you notice the hypocrisy? It was truly bizarre to read that the Catholic empire had the nerve to complain about anyone wishing to “control the most intimate area of citizens’ lives.” Beijing doesn’t want to share that power with Rome – and Rome should know exactly how that feels because essentially they are in a snit over having to share power with Beijing. It is actually worse than that – the Vatican has surely plumbed new depths of hypocrisy with its statement. I say this because the Vatican is always trying to assert control over the lives everyone – including people who do not choose to affiliate themselves with the Catholic empire. The pompous Pope is always going on about condoms, abortion, and demands discrimination enshrined in law for homosexuals. China was merely moderating Rome’s influence over Chinese citizens – citizens who listen to the Catholic empire of their own free will. I’d say Beijing had the moral high ground – its actions probably serve to stifle dissent, but its actions also protect its citizens from the scourge and scam which is the Catholic empire.

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