Sunday, January 30, 2011

$1000 Prize for Evidence Disproving Evolution

I had planned to wait until February 13th to announce this, but there is so much idiocy out there that I have decided to go ahead early. I will award $1000 to the first person presenting unambiguous evidence which supports “Creation Science” or “Intelligent Design Theory” or which disproves certain conclusions published at or which disproves the Theory of Evolution. The governing rules will be posted at the website. Here are the particulars. The $1000 will be presented to the first person who presents unambiguous evidence which
1) Disproves the modern understanding of the theory of evolution, or
2) Disproves certain conclusions published at, namely that religions evolve according to rules similar to those driving evolution of computer viruses and the evolution of life, that the resulting religions have acted and continue to act as a significant selection pressure on the human gene pool, and that as one consequence of that selection pressure, the human gene pool has been skewed toward brains with a genetically mediated predisposition to harbor religion.
3) Proves “Intelligent Design Theory” (Prize award only for proving the original “Intelligent Design Theory” not my version as defined in the Essay “The Irony of the proof for Intelligent Design Theory,” because I’ve already “proven” that version!), or
4) Proves “Creation Science.”
Evidence presented must be “scientific” in nature, where “scientific” means some combination of repeatability, knowledge of provenance, or other characteristic of the evidence which proves its scientific validity. In particular, evidence is not “scientific” if it is self-referential or relies on “circular logic.” For example, “creationists” often advance the Christian Bible as evidence of “God” and “creation.” The “Christian Bible” is in fact nothing more than evidence of the syncretic evolution of religion. The history of the “Christian Bible” reveals multiple authors and unknown provenance of the various writings which have been bound together. Evidence presented must be presented publically and be subject to scientific scrutiny and inquiry. For example it took a very long time to prove the “Shroud of Turin” was a fraud perpetrated by charlatans centuries after the purported time frame of the alleged crucifixion. This delay in getting at the facts was because legitimate scientific scrutiny and testing was not allowed by the Catholic owners of the forgery.
An example of evidence disproving evolution would be fossils found “out of order” in the geological record. For instance if fossilized primate bones were found embedded in sedimentary rocks which also contained fossilized bones of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Even better would be any fossilized bones found in igneous rocks as that would basically disprove central tenets of geology along with biology. Of course I am very confident that such things will not be found (or easily forged).
Why? It is my aim to shame and educate. If successful then some “creationists” will be shamed into silence as they try and fail to claim the $1000. Hopefully one or more of these attempts can be elevated to public “spectacle” and thereby serve to educate people who might otherwise be taken in by the slick lies of “creationists” such as those seen in the “Creation Museum.”
Prize offer void in jurisdictions where it is unlawful or regulated.

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