Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is the NRA just another delusional cult?

Apparently there is a “Professor” James Tracy in Florida promoting the idea that the massacre of children at Sandy Hook elementary school wasn’t real. According to James Tracy and other “Sandy Hook Truthers” the whole thing was staged by the Obama Administration using “crisis actors.” This typical conspiracy theory claims the whole thing was staged as a pretense for taking away the guns and “Second Amendment rights” of law abiding citizens.
First of all I would find it far more plausible that the Republican National Committee orchestrated the whole thing. Their motivation would obviously be to energize a portion of the Republican “base.” Let’s say the means was perhaps to provide psychotic pharmaceuticals and weapons to someone they knew to be unstable. Then a few subliminal suggestions and they suddenly have a distraction from their failed economic policies related to the “fiscal cliff” as well as rallying point to energize “gun rights” segment of the Republican “base.” I would rest more easily if this “left-wing” conspiracy sounded less plausible.
The second important point is the similarities between the NRA and global warming deniers. Global warming deniers reject scientifically collected statistics and scientific conclusions derived from those statistics. NRA types similarly reject basic math. This is directly enabled by religion. That is because religion actively conditions large segments of the population to reject science and reason. This is done to protect religious fairytales such as those of Noah’s Ark and the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately the conditioning doesn’t just reject science which conflicts with religion – but conditions gullible folks to reject all science. This means religion poisons the public discourse regarding global warming and gun violence.
Then I hear NRA types referencing their “God given right to bear arms” – after which I can only conclude that the NRA is just another delusional cult.

Banner for LGBT Pride Parade

Designed this and paid for two 3’ x 10’ vinyl banners so we would have something eye-catching to carry in last year’s LGBT Pride Parade. There was a contingent organized by Atheist Advocates San Francisco and we were part of that contingent.