Monday, January 9, 2012

If “Christian” voters really believe…

Then there is no way they can vote for Mitt Romney. Many are put off by the fact that when he is not worshipping money then he allegedly worships some deity named Elohim. Mitt’s religion doesn’t just offer him a place in heaven – it offers Mitt a chance to be god of his very own planet after judgment of this one. Mitt wants to be more than President of the United States. He wants to be “God.” But that is not the worst of it.
Being as camels may more easily pass through the eye of a needle than Mitt Romney through the gates of heaven then it follows that Mitt Romney can only lead people to some destination other than heaven. One can’t lead to where one isn’t going. He is outrageously rich and the favored religious texts of “Christians” are quite clear and consistent about earthly riches weighting one “down.” So if one believes the “Christian” Bible then one must conclude that Mitt Romney can only lead the country to “Hell.” Let us hope enough “Christians” don’t want to be led there and vote “Hell no, we won’t go!”

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Reason Rally

Let’s make it a million Atheists march this March 24th! Now is the time to make you travel arrangements for the Reason Rally. I’ll be there!

Lets take away their special rights

It is high time to take away all the special rights granted to religion. Purveyors of religion will tell you religion has no special rights. “Christians” will even tell you they are persecuted - including a “war on Christmas.” It’s all lies! Religion gets special tax exemptions. Religion gets special privileges which allows the Catholic Corporation to shuffle pedophiles from one branch office to another. Without the special rights the managers in the Catholic Corporation would be required to report criminal activity just like any other responsible citizens. Perhaps the most disturbing special right granted to religion is an absolute pass on truth in advertising. Televangelists are allowed to ply the airwaves for cold hard cash which is used to lead lavish lifestyles. Of course they told all these imaginative tales about the good deeds which the cash would accomplish. I imagine most contributors would be appalled if televangelists were required to distribute an honest annual financial report each year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Only You Can Prevent Santorum!

Preventing “santorum”: always start with a cleansing enema!

New Year's Resolution

No posts in a while. However, the idiocy being spewed by the Greedy Old Prudes running for President has motivated me to spend some time on militant Atheism. New Year’s resolutions included switching everything at over to my real name. So far I’ve recovered a lot of passwords.